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Top Roman Shade Picks for Every Room in East Greenwich, RI | Enhance Your Home

Consider an upgrade to your room with Roman shades? These unique window treatments blend the aesthetic appeal of drapes and the practical benefits of blinds. Explore this guide to find out which top Roman shades can elevate the ambiance of any space in your household. In-house design consultants are available to help with the selection and customization of Roman shades.

Key Takeaways

  • Roman shades are praised for their versatility and timeless style, making them a popular choice for both modern and historic homes in East Greenwich, RI.
  • Customization options for Roman shades are extensive, allowing for a variety of fabric choices, colors, patterns, and linings to suit any room and personal style.
  • Precise light control is a key benefit of Roman shades, with light control options ranging from blackout liners for complete darkness to sheer fabrics for natural light, catering to diverse homeowner preferences.

Discovering Roman Shades in East Greenwich, RI

Roman blinds, also known as roman shades, are a prime pick for homeowners in East Greenwich, RI due to their versatility and enduring elegance. These types of window dressing excel at boosting the conventional aesthetic appeal of windows while fitting seamlessly into both contemporary and heritage residences. Roman shades introduce an element of dimensionality and textural nuance to any space they occupy thanks to their characteristic pleats and quality materials.

These shades combine the graceful qualities of drapery with the practical aspects of traditional blinds by providing excellent light control capabilities. This harmonious blend assures that you can attain a sophisticated yet functional atmosphere within your home’s interior design scheme. As a window treatment, Roman shades offer customization options and practical benefits, making them ideal for enhancing both style and functionality in any room.

For those contending with narrow windows in historic homes or seeking an updated look for their living spaces, roman shades offer myriad stylish options well-suited to diverse needs. When it comes to style adaptation and enhancing functionality without sacrificing flair, Roman decor offers plentiful styles ranging from room darkening effects that afford privacy when desired—to sheer textures permitting optimal daylight passage—all available in multiple colors and patterns suited just right for elevating your décor game according to personal tastes.

Customizing Your Roman Shades

Roman shades offer extensive customization options. Initiating with the selection of appropriate fabric, choices abound from sumptuous linen blends to chic flax linens and assorted patterns. This pivotal decision shapes the visual and tactile character of your window dressings, enabling you to craft a harmonious aesthetic within your living space that mirrors your distinct style.

The custom creation process is heavily influenced by the color palette and pattern selections available for Roman shades. They can be personalized in an abundance of hues and motifs to complement any interior space effortlessly. From the sleek appearance offered by Flat Roman Shades to the sophisticated drapery of Cascade Roman Shades, each variety provides an opportunity for alignment with your existing room décor. The spectrum of lining alternatives—ranging from No Lining through Privacy options right up until Blackout—provides versatility in managing illumination as well as ensuring seclusion within a room.

For windows presenting unique architectural challenges such as arched frames or bay configurations including those on French doors, custom designed Roman shades rise to meet these needs gracefully. Integrating valances or cornices elevates this practical solution into a sartorial statement piece that enhances both functionality and flair around windowsills while remaining true to one’s personal tastes. With our in-house design consultants at hand, they will guide you towards achieving impeccably tailored Roman shades that elevate both light regulation capabilities and overall room aesthetics, meticulously matching them against individual stylistic preferences.

Light Control with Roman Shades

Roman shades offer superb light control options over how much light enters a room. They come with different liners – from none to privacy and blackout options – allowing you to tailor the level of illumination and seclusion for each space.

For those who prefer their rooms on the darker side, such as in bedrooms or home theaters where light exclusion is paramount, blackout liners are perfect. These prevent any external light from filtering through the fabric. Conversely, if you’re looking to strike a delicate balance between brightness and privacy, opt for Roman shades equipped with light-filtering capabilities that permit natural lighting while keeping your space discreet.

Nighttime solitude is bolstered by privacy liners which also safeguard against sunlight-related wear inside your abode. They permit gentle daylight diffusion during sunlit hours. If maximum natural luminance is what you seek without compromising transparency, then choosing Roman shades without any lining might be ideal—this makes them translucent and fully embraces outdoor lighting benefits. Whatever your preference may be when it comes to controlling illumination within your domicile, there are an array of liner alternatives at hand so that every chamber can possess its quintessential shade ensemble.

Measuring for Roman Shades

Ensuring that your Roman shades fit perfectly and function as intended is contingent on obtaining accurate measurements. When using a steel tape measure, it’s imperative to record dimensions down to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. If you’re fitting inside mounts, take width measurements at three points—the top, middle, and bottom—of the window opening, then note down the smallest figure so that your shades will neatly fit within the frame.

For those opting for outside mounts for their Roman Shades:

  • Begin by gauging the extent of space you wish to cover with your shades. Remember to include an additional overlap of 1 12 inches on both sides which aids in effective light control.
  • It’s essential to double-check these figures for accuracy.
  • Comprehensive measuring lays the groundwork for optimal appearance and functionality of your Roman Shades.

Installing Roman Shades

Installing Roman shades, or Roman blinds as they are also known, is a straightforward process with the right tools and instructions. To install Roman shades, you’ll need essential items like a level, pencil, power drill, and tape measure to get started. Alongside these tools, have your brackets ready alongside cord cleats headrails, and the actual shade’s mechanisms for pulling.

To mount the blinds inside your window frame:

  1. Situate each bracket within the confines of the recess.
  2. Mark where you intend to place them.
  3. Create guide holes with your drill.
  4. Use screws to attach the brackets firmly in place.

An inside mount will deliver an aesthetically pleasing look that highlights any detailing around your windows due to its built-in appearance. Ensuring accurate alignment while mounting ensures seamless functionality of your new shades.

If you prefer outside mounts which can make a window appear larger or hide less desirable views:

  1. Select an appropriate height above your window for placing these shades.
  2. Align brackets slightly wider than on either edge of said opening.
  3. Clearly mark where each bracket will be affixed.
  4. Drill pilot holes at those precise marks.
  5. Finally, secure all into position using screws.

Regardless if you opt for internal or external installation, it’s crucial that precision when installing Roman blinds is observed so one may fully appreciate their Roman shades’ design & utility benefits post-installation efforts.

Enhancing Functionality with Upgrades

You can enhance the functionality and convenience of your Roman shades with several optional upgrades. The cordless lift option, featuring a concealed control system, lets you easily raise or lower the window coverings without any visible cords—an excellent choice for households with pets or young ones by removing entanglement hazards. Should you require assistance to select an appropriate enhancement that suits your needs, help is only a phone call away. Additionally, our in-house design consultants are available to help you select the best enhancements.

Upgrading to a motorized lift system adds another layer of ease, allowing shade adjustment at the touch of a button or through a smartphone application. For heavier roman shades, continuous cord loop controls are also available. They fasten the cords securely to either wall or window frame, which facilitates smoother operation. These enhancements enable you not just to find an ideal match for your requirements, but also significantly upgrade both appearance and function of your roman shades.

Maintaining and Cleaning Roman Shades

To ensure your Roman shades remain attractive and operate smoothly, it’s essential to perform routine upkeep and cleansing. A consistent light cleaning regime can preserve the quality appearance of your shades. Employing the vacuum’s brush attachment, delicately pass over the shade fabric while providing support from behind to prevent any harm.

In case of spots on the fabric:

  1. Use a microfiber cloth dampened with mild dish soap and warm water to dab at the affected region.
  2. Before addressing a larger area, do a spot check on an inconspicuous section to guarantee that no damage will occur.
  3. Special care instructions may be necessary for sensitive fabrics like silk. Consult the guidance provided by their manufacturer.

By attending diligently to their maintenance, your Roman shades will continue serving as an elegant enhancement in your space for many future years.

Comparing Roman Shades to Other Window Treatments

When weighing the options between Roman shades and other window treatments, various aspects should be taken into account. For compact windows and areas with limited space, Roman shades are an excellent choice as they don’t require as much room as full-length drapes. These types of shades are commonly selected for less formal environments such as kitchens, nurseries, or half-baths where traditional drapery may seem out of place.

Conversely, drapes are fabric window coverings that extend from the top to the bottom of a window and embody a timeless elegance suitable for more sophisticated settings. They afford better insulation and privacy capabilities than their counterpart Roman shades due to their extensive coverage.

In contrast to both Roman shades and drapes is the roller shade option—a modern solution characterized by its flat piece of fabric which neatly rolls up at the top of a window—perfectly suited for those who prefer minimalistic décor.

The superiority among these choices comes down to personal requirements in terms of style preference & functionality demands. It’s worth noting that -Roman Shades present practicality while remaining stylish ensuring usability across multiple spaces. When making your selection, you’ll want to consider how well each treatment aligns with overall look feel intended atmosphere inside residence also taking structural design considerations surrounding walls thus helping ensure seamless integration within existing home ensemble.

The Versatility of Roman Shade Styles

Roman shades offer a spectrum of designs, each with distinctive advantages and visual appeal. Modern décor is complemented by the clean lines of flat Roman shades, which feature straight-edged pleats for a contemporary vibe. In contrast, soft fold or hobbled Roman shades exhibit an array of descending folds that deliver a warm and welcoming look.

Incorporating modern aesthetics into any space can be achieved with pleated Roman shades marked by their sharp horizontal creases. These are particularly suitable for spaces like home offices where light control pairs effectively with modern style. The London variety marries classic sophistication to present-day charm through opulent folds in its iconic design.

Adaptable across various environments – from family rooms to dining areas and beyond – these roman blinds integrate effortlessly with many decor styles.

  • Family lounges
  • Formal living spaces
  • Dining quarters
  • Workspaces at home

Whether your preference leans towards timeless elegance or contemporary flair, roman window treatments provide an ideal mix of practicality and aesthetic enhancement for your abode’s interior.

Budgeting for Roman Shades

To effectively budget for Roman shades, it’s important to comprehend the elements that affect their pricing. The cost of Roman shades is influenced by aspects such as:

  • Dimension of the window
  • Selection of fabric types
  • Integration of motorized systems
  • Customization features

Compared with other types of window treatments, Roman shades typically fall into a more expensive category due to their use of sumptuous and high-grade fabrics.

For prudent financial planning when considering Roman shades, evaluate considerations like:

  • Kind and quality of fabric
  • Proportions
  • Type of lining used
  • Mode of operation

Choosing less expensive materials and simpler styles can help manage costs without sacrificing either aesthetics or functionality. Advance preparation allows you to strike an ideal compromise between expense and excellence in your selection of roman shade window treatments.

The Benefits of Custom Roman Shades

Roman shades are an excellent investment for those seeking to fine-tune light entry into their living space. They offer superior options for modulating natural light, giving you the power to set the ambiance of any room with precision and ease. The ability to control incoming sunlight can transform an environment into one that’s inviting and optimally illuminated.

These shades boast eco-friendly credentials by incorporating sustainable materials in their construction along with environmentally conscious production processes. This not only supports a healthier planet, but also contributes toward reducing your home’s energy usage. Custom Roman shades present a vast assortment of stylistic selections that serve to both enhance and integrate seamlessly with your existing room décor.

Tailor-made specifically for each unique window size and shape guarantees that custom Roman shades fit flawlessly, adding a touch of professional elegance to windows while improving the overall functionality and visual appeal of your residence. For homeowners intent on upgrading both practicality as well as style within their abode, custom Roman shades represent an outstanding option.


Roman shades bring both elegance and practicality as a window covering choice that can elevate the ambiance of any area within your home. Their customizable features, exceptional ability to regulate light, along with their environmentally conscious advantages, provide an ideal combination of aesthetic appeal and usefulness. By adhering to the procedures outlined in this manual, you have the opportunity to select, install, and maintain Roman shades that seamlessly complement your interior design while fulfilling your particular requirements.

If you’re aiming for an update of your living quarters or seeking to infuse sophistication into a single room’s atmosphere, Roman shades are a superior selection. Embrace their perennial charm—these types of coverings will convert any space into a sanctuary filled with comfort and cultivated style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Roman shades?

Roman shades provide a window covering that merges the functional aspects of blinds with the aesthetic appeal of curtains, offering pleats and folds which contribute to creating depth and texture in any space.

How do I measure my windows for Roman shades?

When measuring your windows for Roman shades, it’s important to take three width measurements with a steel tape measure – at the top, middle, and bottom of the window if you’re opting for inside mounts. For outside mounts, ensure an additional overlap of 1 1/2 inches on both sides.

Enjoy your measuring task!

What are the benefits of custom Roman shades?

Roman shades offer excellent light management, environmental benefits, and improved visual appeal. Customized to accommodate the distinctive dimensions and contours of each window, they guarantee a precise fit for an expertly tailored appearance.

How do I clean and maintain Roman shades?

To preserve and maintain your Roman shades, delicately use a brush attachment on your vacuum to remove dust, and for any stains, lightly dab them with a microfiber cloth dipped in warm water mixed with gentle dish detergent. Always remember to conduct a spot test on an inconspicuous area beforehand to prevent any harm.

Are Roman shades more expensive than other window treatments?

Indeed, Roman shades tend to be pricier than other types of window treatments. The upscale fabrics and tailor-made features they offer justify the higher cost involved in acquiring these elegant shades for your windows.